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Nacho Average Mac n' Cheeze

This Nacho Mac and Cheeze is total comfort food; it definitely fuels my soul. It's rich, cheesy, and just a little bit spicy. It has all the flavor of nacho cheese, but it's dairy, butter, and oil free. This plant-based recipe is made with cashews, butternut squash, nutritional yeast, and spices. And, instead of the elbow pasta, I used Conchiglie noodles which are a bit more hearty. Use this as a base and get creative with it... add in some black beans, tomatoes, or top with some salsa.


16 oz of pasta

1 batch of my nacho cheeze sauce + below optional ingredients


  • 1 batch of my cheeze sauce

  • 1 t dijon mustard

  • 1 t white miso

  • 1 T arrowroot

  • 1 jalapeño - seeded and chopped (optional)

  • 2 c butternut squash or potato (optional)

Prepare cheeze sauce ingredients with the optional addition of potato or squash to give it more consistency and jalapeño for added spice. Cook 5 minutes in instant pot and release the steam. Transfer to blender. Add remaining sauce ingredients and blend until smooth and creamy. Cook noodles to directions on package. Drain and mix with sauce. Eat as is or add crunchy topping like Kelly's crumbs and bake until warmed through for approximately 15 minutes at 400 degrees.

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