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Along the way the warhammer comes to life and feels good to swing, one hand at a time. So here you have it folks, the bible for all your wargaming needs. If this had been a USA, I think we'd have won the war. The perils of pampering our enemies. You needn't make excuses for him. You knew damn well he would do it and therefore you wrote it. You give me a right royal whoop-de-do, but the fact is, you're a complete prick. By the way, the reason I love Empire so much isn't just because of its ruddy-cheeked youth and easy-going play-fulness. It's because I hate being a prick. (No, not his fault. He's always right, and that's the trouble, really.) So, I was going to get onto designing a new nation based around a home-made 4th edition steam-lady (just as odd as it sounds) but never got to it. Instead, I took a look at the side-effects of my usual merceneries, in the form of the development of a stealth-rat army. While it could go in lots of different directions, the first model for the Dark Lanterns was a sneaky kind of flying rat... Naturally, I use a "dirtier" icon than our traditional 1:48 pulp characters, and the rat was accordingly given a much grubbier equivalent. But the outcome looks quite sweet, and so I'll include the painted version here: The Rat King and all his armies are characters of my home-made game-world, Loegria. The fourth column is a handy anti-spy/radiation model with a quick-fire mechanism for setting off a "shield" effect that looks rather like a real-world bazooka screen. I'm sure lots of you have seen these, and others like them, and I love the clean lines and the punchy silhouette. I love their kitscheyness too (have a go at painting one with your gang kit if you don't know what I mean), but most of all I love the idea of kit-bashing for novelty purposes. Except that I haven't really taken much time to do that. That said, it's sort of fun to build up some other people's kits for my own kit-bashing



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Spitfire Albion 2 Free Torrent divinel

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