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Fluffy Spelt & Flax Pancakes

These vegan pancakes are made with nutty, wholesome spelt flour and ground flax seed. They are super light and fluffy, golden brown, and deliciously healthy. Top with maple syrup and fresh berries alongside some vegan scrambled eggs or sausage.


1 c whole grain spelt flour

1 T ground flax seed

2 t aluminum-free baking powder

1 T apple cider vinegar

1/2 t baking soda

1 t vanilla

1 c non-dairy milk

1 T melted vegan butter (optional)

2 t brown sugar (optional)

Squeeze of lemon (optional)

Add all dry ingredients to a mixing bowl, use whisk to combine. Then add in the wet ingredients, stirring gently until just combined. Don't over-mix. Allow to rest about 10 minutes until it becomes airy and bubbly. Pour about 1/2 c of batter into a non-stick pan. Cook until you start to see bubbles and a firm edge, then flip and cook for about a minute on the other side. Top with vegan butter, maple syrup, or fresh berries and nuts. Serve with vegan scrambled eggs or plant-based sausage.

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